Dare to Dream About Your New Swimming Pool and Landscaping

Today’s the day to dream a little. Close your eyes and spend three minutes imagining your backyard with a new swimming pool and landscaping. What details do you notice? Is your new swimming pool an oval or a rectangle, or a more custom style? What does your swimming pool deck look like? How did it feel? Who would you want to invite to see and enjoy it with you?

What’s stopping you from making your dream a reality?

At Dreamscapes by M.G.R. our goal is to create that new swimming pool and landscaping. The one that you’ve been dreaming about today, every summer, and maybe your entire life. We want you and your friends and family to create a memory bank of great times spent together at your home, and we can help you make that happen.

Whether your hesitation to start a new pool and landscaping project is related to time and money constraints, or a combination of both, we have options that can allow you to start your project and enjoy the results sooner than you would have imagined.

You’ve taken the time to dream, now take another five minutes to act and make your dream or “dreamscape” come true. Give us at call at 800.446.1281 to talk to us about how to get your new swimming pool and landscaping project built before summer arrives.

New swimming pools and landscaping can be financed in a variety of ways and we can provide you resources on that, as well. Whether you use a home equity line, dip into your savings funds, or choose to work with our new swimming pool and landscaping financing partner, MyPoolLoan.com, we’d love to help you design and build your new pool and landscaping!

Safe Swimming Pool Design and Construction Matters!

Pool safety is an essential element to swimming pool design and swimming pool construction. As licensed swimming pool builders, we are very aware of the risks associated with swimming pools and young children. Dreamscapes by MGR recognizes the importance of safe swimming pool design and construction.

If you already own a home with a swimming pool, you likely are very aware of safety regulations. New pool owners and non pool owners may not know potential dangers beyond not allowing small children to swim alone. Safe swimming pool design begins with proper barriers to entry, but also includes drain covers that meet the latest safety standards to avoid suction entrapment dangers.

Even if you feel your child is an accomplished swimmer, a peaceful and beautiful swimming pool can quickly turn from a paradise to a nightmare. Children must be closely supervised anytime they are near a swimming pool, even if there are no plans to swim. Check here for specific safety tips that will help you get the most from your swimming pool design and construction while keeping everyone safe.

It is critical to recognize that swimming instruction is not a replacement for adult supervision. Even children who excel on swim team or can float across the pool as babies can encounter dangerous situations and will not have the skills necessary to save themselves or one of their friends should an accident occur. Remain watchful and actively involved in your child’s pool play (within arms reach) at all times and make plans to teach your child to swim (an essential if you own a swimming pool).

Family on a pool float in a custom pool built by Dreamscapes by MGR Southern California's leading custom swimming pool and landscape contractor and design firm.

It is also wise to make sure that all adult and teen family members in your home are trained in basic CPR and first aid and that a phone is close at hand, in case an accident does occur.

To read more about the latest safety standards in swimming pool design and construction and drain covers, please visit Poolsafely.gov.