So, it’s the holidays . You’ve just finished having your backyard redesigned. The pool contractor has just finished up their work. You sit back and admire your newly constructed outdoor fireplace, water features, patio cover, and firepit. Everything looks beautiful. You’ve sent pictures to all your family and everyone is excited to see it. So the family has selected your house to host the holiday get togethers. Now it is on you to come up with ideas to decorate your newly designed backyard to give it a festive feel so you can impress the relatives when they fly into Orange County for the big event. Worry not, we’ve got you covered.

5 Ideas for Decorating your Backyard for the Holidays

1. Oversized ornaments  – Use your existing evergreens and trees in the backyard for lights and ornaments.  You can hang oversized ornaments that are waterproof to existing trees to add something whimsical to your outdoor decorations. Additionally, you can mix in some garland with the red, green, white, blue and silver ornaments.  
2. Outdoor Fireplace – decorate outdoor fireplaces with garlands, warm white lights, and a punch of red or blue and silver. Hang a wreath with oversized balls, LED lights, and pinecones to add some touches for your holiday theme.
3. Firepit – surround the firepit with chairs covered with colorful winter throws and festive pillows. You can also put up lanterns nearby to light the way to your firepit.
4. Use string lights – Stringing white lights or on trees and shrubs will add a festive flair. The water will reflect the lights and cascade over the water creating a beautiful scene. You can also use stringing lights in your existing trees or palm trees, wrapping them around the trunks, and stringing them into the branches. Shapes and characters made of colored lights can add an even greater element of fun to your backyard.
5. Inflatables and floating lanterns – Inflatables are a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday spirit. A floating Santa Claus on his sleigh or a floating snowman allows you to make use of your pool space while it is not in use.  Floating lanterns or  candles can be colored green and red if you like, or they can be simple and white.