Designing Your Dream Pool

Are you in the market for a pool this summer? Are you tired of being envious of everyone else’s backyard oasis? Let Dreamscapes by MGR help you out by designing your dream pool. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be kicking back and relaxing with your entire family.

Create Summer Memories

A pool can be a great place to create summer memories with your entire family. Everyone can have fun in your pool. Babies who love to splash all the way up to grandmas and grandpas will be able to find something to love about your new pool. Add in a water slide for maximum entertainment. Or a fire feature for backyard s’mores. The possibilities are endless and the choices are up to you!


Add features to your pool that will encourage everyone to kick back and relax. Add in a bench for seating right in your pool. A backyard spa is a great way to soothe tired muscles at the end of a long day. Add massaging jets and you’ve got the ultimate retreat. Put in a bar, and you’ll never want to leave again. But proceed with caution because all your friends and family may never want to leave either…


A pool can be a great source of exercise. You can swim laps, dive, or even just take a walk. Water sports are easy on your joints while still promoting a boost in metabolism. There are lots of forms of water exercise from zumba to aerobics, as well as the regular strokes that we learned so long ago.

Adding a backyard pool this year will guarantee you years of fun and memories. Your kids will have a place to hang out with their friends, and you’ll have a place to hang out with yours. We can help you plan out the best features for everyone in your family and make the fun last for seasons to come. Give us a call today so we can get started on your free estimate.

Dreamscapes’ new website is now better, mobile responsive and secure.

In working to be the best pool designer and contractor in Orange County California Dreamscapes now has a new, better than before website and it represents our designs and work much better.

Importantly our new, safe website is optimized for all website visitors. Even users of mobile devices, such as the iPad/iPhone, Android and about all other smartphones and tablets. What this means is that website will reconfigure itself to fit the size of whatever device you are using and also keep the text a readable size and allow for easy use of any links, menu items and image enlargements. No matter if you are using your finger or a mouse or a keyboard.

It is always exactly the same website with all the same information, pages, photos and links. It just reshapes the layout to make it readable and usable on all devices.

Today it seems, most people often search the web using their smart phone or tablet. After all it also makes it easier to call or use an online map and get directions. And to help make sure guest feel comfortable in finding us, our shop’s address and store hours are prominent at the top of every page.

In addition the new website design, Dreamscapes by MGR also uses full HTTPS protocol to keep your visit your our website and any messages you send from our website private and secure.

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Start Your Project Today With Our Online Form

We have been building pools, spas, outdoor living areas and landscaping in Orange County and Southern California for a long time and have learned the best way to begin is by “listening” to you telling us what you would like.

To help you identify and tell us the most important aspect of your “dreamscape” in the beginning we have added an online project form to our website. This allow you to tell us and even show us at the the start what you like and what you feel is most important in your project. Knowing this early on means we can understand better and develop more accurate ideas and estimates related to what you want.

If you are considering a pool, spa, outdoor living area, or landscape project please take a few moments, click the button below and share your ideas with us. We will contact you soon after and together we can develop a plan and estimate to fit your dream.

Checklist – the eight things you must know to select your best swimming pool contractor.

If you are seriously considering a new, or significant remodel to your, swimming pool and exterior living area, you’ve probably discovered that there are a lot of decisions to make. At the top of this list stands one preeminent question: How do I select the best swimming pool contractor for my project?

This question is so important because the expertise and integrity of your pool builder will play a huge role in determining the final outcome of your project and your satisfaction.

The checklist worksheet of questions below is based on our experience of working hundreds of pool, outdoor living area and landscaping customers throughout Orange County California over the last 20+ years. We advise our prospective clients to complete a worksheet for each pool builder they are considering, before making a final choice.

The perfect pool and landscape for you and your family begins with the right pool and landscape contractor.

Checklist - best pool builders boxes, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

Swimming Pool Builder Selection Checklist Worksheet

Contractor Name: _________________________________________________

Business Information and Experience

The company is licensed and insured  – Yes  No – License # ______________

Note: ask if the name on the license is the same as the company name. If not, find out why.

The company has workmen’s comp insurance and General Liability insurance – Yes  No

Years in business building pools: __________

Customer References

How many pools have you built since you entered the business? __________
How many were designed and built last year? _________
Of those installations, how many references can you provide? ________

Call at least 10 references

When Calling References Be Sure To Ask The Following:

  • If you could do it over, would you use the pool builder again?
  • What did you enjoy about the experience?
  • What was least enjoyable?
  • What pool, options, and accessories did you choose?
  • What would you do differently?
  • How did the pool builder handle challenges and problems when they arose?

Reviews and Ratings

Overall the swimming pool builder has at least a 5:1 (4+ stars) good review to bad review ratio from a reputable review site. – Yes  No

They responded reasonably to negative reviews when possible. – Yes  No

Products Used By Pool Builder

Do the products the pool builder uses have good reviews in the marketplace. – Yes  No

The customer references you called gave the products used by the builder positive ratings. – Yes  No

The products are backed by competitive warranties. – Yes  No

Installation Practices

Does the swimming pool builder have any installation or construction practices that distinguish them from the competition?  Yes  No

Are these practices relevant? Yes   No

List the relevant practices which you perceive as beneficial to your project and peace of mind.

Design and Project Planning

Make sure the Swimming Pool Builder would give you a complete construction plan before the project begins showing the following:

  • exact pool location
  • location of pump and filter system
  • the elevation (or height) of the pool in relation to your existing yard
  • decking layout
  • access lane for construction
  • fence layout if applicable
  • retaining walls if applicable
  • deck and yard drainage if applicable

Pricing and Contract

Whenever possible, you should always ask for a complete itemized proposal showing a complete cost breakdown for all items on your project. This should include s.f. and l.f dimensions of such items as pool or decking as well as allowances for hardscape material such as pool tile. Did you receive a detailed proposal and contract?  – Yes  No

Note: try to avoid going into an agreement with the understanding that patio, retaining wall, fence work, etc., will be priced separately after the project has began. This is a tactic some pool contractors use to make the initial price of the project seem lower than what it will actually be.

Estimated completion date is listed on the contract. – Yes  No

Dreamscapes by MGR of Orange County, California wins Houzz’s 2019 Service Award!

We are proud to announce that for 2019 and the sixth consecutive year, Dreamscapes has been awarded a Best of Houzz Service award! This award is based upon our overall rating and our client reviews submitted in 2018. It is a true people’s choice award. Fewer than four percent of all professional businesses listed Houzz are ever recipients of an award in any category, and this is the sixth consecutive year for Dreamscapes. When it comes to enjoying your pool and landscape improvements as well as preserving your investment, SERVICE during and after the project is what makes the difference! Call or contact us today for your project!

Houzz - best of image 209 Service

New pool project completed in Orchard Hills, Irvine, Orange County, California

This beautiful project in the Orchard Hills area of Irvine, in Orange County has impeccable details.

From the plants, the pots, the stone, water features – everything is exactly what they envisioned and brought to life by Dreamscapes.

A very cozy and accommodating fire place to sit and relax with your loved one, to a very comfortable zero edge spa where you can sit relax and get massaged with the water jets.

In front if your loved one doesn’t want to mess up her hair today, she can sit and chat with you as there is a bench to accommodate everyone’s wants and needs.

And most importantly we have the people spacious lap pool built to the designer’s perfection!

All includes a beautiful set of lights to adjust to set the perfect mood.

Stunning Irvine Pool, Hardscape and Landscape project in Orchard Hills

Full landscape, hardscape, pool, spa, patios, living area, retaining walls and play area in Orchard Hills, Irvine.

A True Family Affair! That is what we call this total home outdoor living area. Designed and constructed for when you want the whole family, including the little ones, to enjoy the luxury of a beautiful pool and a beautiful backyard all in one.

When you come in, you’d never miss the very detailed and beautiful design of grass and stone out in front of the driveway. Coming into the backyard, you’ll see the plethora of space for kids to hang out in well-kept grass, with a play house!

Plants for a good vibe, i.e. lavender – which makes all those pesky little bugs stay away! We’re also able to enjoy a beautiful little open deck structure alongside the pool, giving you a very unique and gracious feeling. We have big trees for the shade, with a bench right underneath for you morning coffee. A Spa with a water feature that falls into the pool. Lounge chairs inside the pool to get that PERFECT California tan!

Not hot enough for the pool? WORRY NONE. Designed for all seasons, this backyard has a little pebble island with a fire pit to bring your friends around and have a good winter’s night with s’mores and hot coco!

“Best Life” Pool, Spa, Kitchen, Gazebo and Patios in Coto de Caza

At this residence in Coto de Caza we were able to create a gorgeous balanced full life escape – one all can enjoy!

Add to your living by using your spacious backyard! Dreamscapes can turn it into a “best life” area for meaningful year-round living.

We have huge pool, that you can swim laps in or you can relax in with the little ones. A Jacuzzi spa to accommodate you and your guests, which sitting right out front just in case not all want to get wet! Lounge chairs alongside the pool to get some quality vitamin D, not too far from the bar to make sure your drink is NEVER empty!

BBQ area where you’ll never need to go inside because this is your second cooking area! Its made for a chef. A fire pit to turn those cold fall nights into beautiful warm memories. We also made sure to include grass and stone, so that there is still a walkway to your dreamscape … call us to start yours.

3 Crucial Steps to Select the Best Pool Builder in Orange County California

In actuality you can use these same steps to choose the best pool builder for your project in any location.

You can also use these steps for any major home construction project where you will use a professional builder. The initial step is to take the time to understand how the builder works.

  • What “systems” or process does the builder use to understand what you want.
  • How much of the work, what jobs, does the builder normally do and what jobs are sub-contracted.
  • How does the builder manage the project and job site to ensure safety, security, the provide for the least disruption to you and timely completion of the project.
  • How often is the builder or his project manager actually on the job or project site.

Go see their completed projects that are similar in features, scope and project cost to yours.

  • View at least three, more, even eight to ten if you can.
  • Know how long each project you visit and inspect has been completed and used.
  • When you are inspecting the project look not only at the appearance, but more importantly how is it ageing.
  • Are there any cracks, are the patios still level and aligned?
  • Are the tiles all tight against each other and still sealed.
  • Does the brick or stucco work still look good.
  • As for outdoor kitchens check the installation of the counters and cabinets and appliances.

In short be as complete and use a “critical” eye, like you were doing an inspection of a project you were paying for. Take your time, don’t talk just look closely. Make a list of observations and/or questions as you are inspecting each project. Remember you may be having this pool builder creating a similar pool for you. Now you can talk to the owner of each of the projects you inspected. Without the builder, just you and the owner. The most important questions;

  • If you had this project to do over, would you choose the same builder?
  • If you were to do the same project again, what would you change or do differently?

After those, then ask the detail questions resulting from your inspection. Keep notes as to the answers, those answers could significantly influence your choice of builder as well as the design and feature elements of your project.

The process above may seem cold and analytic, but you will be spending a substantial amount of time and money on your project. Plus living with it for many years. Shouldn’t the process be as objective as possible while assuring that you can also learn what is working best?

Rancho Mission Viejo dream pool and outdoor living areas

Beautiful design with all the features you could want, ideally planned, managed and built in the space available.

Please review what we recently created in Rancho Santa Margarita community. Combining a pool/spa with a beautiful  new fully surrounding deck the design and construction of this backyard is beautiful and fun during the day and dramatic at night.

The waterfall makes it all feel and sound refreshing and rich. The unique firepit and sitting area provides light, warmth and makes a romantic pleasant place.

Add to that an equipped barbecue structure with trellis. Plus there is even a bocce court! Life is good, outdoors.

Great design and planning maximized the all the possibilities of big enjoyments in this smaller space. The homeowners got everything they wanted in the amount of space that they had, with minimum disruptions during construction.

Take a look at the photos and call us or use the form linked below to tell us what you might like in your project.