Four Reasons Why You Should Choose a Custom Pool, Backyard and Landscape

Whether you want to build your family’s dream pool and backyard or just want to improve the value of your property, custom swimming pool and yard design is the way to go. Pools are a great addition to any backyard, especially if you frequently host gatherings for family or friends.   Aside from their potential entertainment value, pools can also significantly improve your landscaping and overall visual appeal. While stock options can be good enough for some neighborhoods, increasingly in Orange County with our unique home sites, topography and residential design it requires a custom pool to get the most out of the space available. Something only a true total custom design and build can provide. Custom pools are often considered a much better investment than stock designs. This is primarily because they are better able to suit the homeowner’s particular needs by considering all the relevant factors, such as the amount of free space available, estimated number of regular users, and, of course, the homeowner’s design preference.

Here are four strong reasons to choose a custom pool:

  1. Custom pools let you take full control of your project. You’ll be able to choose whatever shape, size, and design you want for your backyard. Just imagine the possibilities. You can have your pool shaped as a dolphin, palm tree, guitar or whatnot. You could even install various water features like a slide, diving board, and waterfall.
  2. You can overcome landscaping issues and lot shapes. Don’t let the terrain beat you into submission. By opting for a custom pool, you’ll be able to design a feature that can easily adapt to the particular terrain you live in. You can build on flat or sloped ground, take twists and turns, or fit the entire pool in a very tight area.
  3. You’ll be able to supervise the pool and backyard construction and landscape process. Your ability to customize doesn’t stop with the pool itself.As you see the construction process take place you can be involved in the many details that will make it, when finished, just what you want.
  4. You’ll also be able to choose the contractor that you want to work with. Do note that your choice of contractor can make or break your project. So, it’s highly recommended that you choose carefully. Though you may need to consider several factors, the contractor’s level of skill and length of experience should be prioritized. Experienced, highly skilled contractors, like Dreamscapes by M.G.R. of Orange County may cost a bit more, but you’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth with a high quality custom pool designed for your family and home.

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Douglass Drive, Coto De Caza, Orange County

This complete pool and backyard landscape was recently completed in one of Orange County’s oldest and most desirable planned communities, Coto De Caza.

Design and build projects like this truly demonstrate the value of working with an experienced company like Dreamscapes. Not only were we able to design to include and create all the features the owners wanted, we did it within the tight confines of their existing home and hillside lot while meeting the requirements of a rigorous home-owners association. This project included a pool, a raised spa with a view and a sweet outdoor kitchen and eating area covered with a comfortable pergola. This project shows the true benefit of custom pool design to maximize features and value within existing constraints and choosing experienced construction professionals to make it all possible with the least stress.

Custom Waterfalls Make Your Pool Special

What could be better than relaxing pool side with the soothing sounds of custom waterfalls and features?


Couple in pool by large rock waterfall, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

Being surrounded by running water can put a mind at ease and make it easier to forget a rough day at work or crazy commute. In addition to the relaxation quality, custom waterfalls also can add an unmatched sense of beauty to the landscaping of a backyard. Why just put in a pool when an entire backyard oasis can be added?

Just think of all of the gatherings with friends, family, co workers, or out of town guests spent in this backyard paradise. Choose a theme anywhere from Mediterranean to modern to rustic to complete the look of the custom waterfalls. Real stone or faux rock can be used to create any look you can imagine. Modern technology also allows homeowners to do things like add custom LED lighting and control the flow of the water.

The possibilities are truly endless. Think of custom-built grottos behind the running water where guests can swim up to a bar, staircase, or hidden room for hanging out.

Incorporate slides, landscaping, even pieces of furniture (imagine lounging in chaise that is sculpted into a waterfall) into the design to truly make it a place the family can enjoy for years and years to come.

Dreamscapes by MGR Wins “Best Customer Satisfaction” from Houzz

The Dreamscapes team strives to give the best customer satisfaction possible to every one of our customers.  Whether it’s a landscaping project, a swimming pool design, or a big house remodel, we want to our customers to be happy with our work.  So, it’s with great pride and happiness that we announce that the home improvement website Houzz has chosen us as a recipient of their “Best Customer Satisfaction” award.  We couldn’t have won this award without our wonderful customers.  We love working with people to bring their “dreamscapes” into reality.

Several criteria must be met for the award.  This includes the number and quality of customer reviews.  We are happy so many of our customers rated us so highly.  Click here to read more about how Houzz determines the awards.  Read our profile and reviews by clicking here.

Houzz is a dynamic website, with user-generated idea books and reviews.  It’s a great place to start looking for ideas for your next big home improvement project.  Are you dreaming of a beautiful pool or a new landscaping concept?  Check out the Houzz Best of Idea Books, then call us to get the best customer satisfaction in Southern California.

Experience Counts, 25 Years Building Pools and Landscapes in Orange County

When you are seeking the best workmanship, superlative design and want to avoid unforeseen problems, you know depth of experience in the business and in navigating all the requirements possible in Orange County communities makes the difference between a nightmare and a dream. With 25+ years in the business, here in Orange County, Dreamscapes’ staff knows how to get the job designed, planned, approved and done, creating a pool and landscape that you will enjoy for years. Contact us today!

Dreamscape 25 year with text, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

Rustic and Romantic Pool, Spa, Outdoor Living and Landscaping in Covenant Hills, Ladera Ranch

We love designing and building pools and beautiful landscaping in Ladera Ranch! Below are photos of a recent project we completed in the Covenant Hills community of Ladera Ranch. The project was all new and included the complete design and construction of the pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and living pavilion, a stone large fireplace, patios and complete landscaping and related hardscapes.

Dare to Dream About Your New Swimming Pool and Landscaping

Today’s the day to dream a little. Close your eyes and spend three minutes imagining your backyard with a new swimming pool and landscaping. What details do you notice? Is your new swimming pool an oval or a rectangle, or a more custom style? What does your swimming pool deck look like? How did it feel? Who would you want to invite to see and enjoy it with you?

What’s stopping you from making your dream a reality?

At Dreamscapes by M.G.R. our goal is to create that new swimming pool and landscaping. The one that you’ve been dreaming about today, every summer, and maybe your entire life. We want you and your friends and family to create a memory bank of great times spent together at your home, and we can help you make that happen.

Whether your hesitation to start a new pool and landscaping project is related to time and money constraints, or a combination of both, we have options that can allow you to start your project and enjoy the results sooner than you would have imagined.

Large Grecian style pool with metal arbor, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

You’ve taken the time to dream, now take another five minutes to act and make your dream or “dreamscape” come true. Give us at call at 800.446.1281 to talk to us about how to get your new swimming pool and landscaping project built before summer arrives.

New swimming pools and landscaping can be financed in a variety of ways and we can provide you resources on that, as well. Whether you use a home equity line, dip into your savings funds, or choose to work with our new swimming pool and landscaping financing partner,, we’d love to help you design and build your new pool and landscaping!

Safe Swimming Pool Design and Construction Matters!

Pool safety is an essential element to swimming pool design and swimming pool construction. As licensed swimming pool builders, we are very aware of the risks associated with swimming pools and young children. Dreamscapes by MGR recognizes the importance of safe swimming pool design and construction.

If you already own a home with a swimming pool, you likely are very aware of safety regulations. New pool owners and non pool owners may not know potential dangers beyond not allowing small children to swim alone. Safe swimming pool design begins with proper barriers to entry, but also includes drain covers that meet the latest safety standards to avoid suction entrapment dangers.

Even if you feel your child is an accomplished swimmer, a peaceful and beautiful swimming pool can quickly turn from a paradise to a nightmare. Children must be closely supervised anytime they are near a swimming pool, even if there are no plans to swim. Check here for specific safety tips that will help you get the most from your swimming pool design and construction while keeping everyone safe.

It is critical to recognize that swimming instruction is not a replacement for adult supervision. Even children who excel on swim team or can float across the pool as babies can encounter dangerous situations and will not have the skills necessary to save themselves or one of their friends should an accident occur. Remain watchful and actively involved in your child’s pool play (within arms reach) at all times and make plans to teach your child to swim (an essential if you own a swimming pool).

Family on a pool float in a custom pool built by Dreamscapes by MGR Southern California's leading custom swimming pool and landscape contractor and design firm.

It is also wise to make sure that all adult and teen family members in your home are trained in basic CPR and first aid and that a phone is close at hand, in case an accident does occur.

To read more about the latest safety standards in swimming pool design and construction and drain covers, please visit

New Pool Completes Orange County Landscape Design

Sometimes it makes sense to divide a swimming pool and landscaping project into phases (done by the same pool and landscaping contractor, of course) so that you can get the best results and meet a particular budget. At Dreamscapes by MGR, we understand the need to plan your landscape design around your budget and timeline. We love working with our clients and are thrilled to have the opportunity to receive call backs from satisfied customers ready to complete phase two or even three of an Orange County Landscape Design project that we started.

Construction of custom built barbeque, forming countertop, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

The Aliso Viejo landscaping project featured above is currently in-progress. About a year and a half ago we completed the landscape design on the front of this Aliso Viejo home. Excited about how their home entrance had turned out, Dreamscapes by MGR was asked to return and install a new swimming pool, spa, landscaping, outdoor loggia and outdoor bathroom. It’s an amazing project and as you can see by the pictures already, shaping into a beautiful (and much more usable) outdoor living space.

Great landscape design is a progressive, step-by-step process, as you’ve no doubt read about on our landscape design page, and we take great care with each segment. In the pictures above you will notice cement has been poured to prepare the base for the outdoor BBQ counter. A granite slab will finish off the counter area and the outdoor kitchen will have plenty of of counter seating all around the bi-level granite counter. To make this area even more inviting a built-in seat bench (seen in the distance) is being constructed and will even include a custom fire pit. The picture at top shows the new swimming pool and spa where Dreamscapes By MGR is currently installing stacked stone along the back wall of the pool and around the spa.

Now is really the perfect time to plan and/or start your landscape design! Have you been thinking about making changes to bring the party to your Orange County backyard this summer? If so, give us a call at 800.446.1281 to get your questions answered with no obligation. We’d love to be a part of your backyard remodel and Orange County landscape design.  We also serve Los Angeles, San Diego & Riverside Counties!

Why Hire an Orange County Landscape Design Firm?

HGTV outdoor natural rock pool, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

Do the outdoor areas surrounding your home have you feeling overwhelmed? Not knowing the ins and outs of horticulture and design, you likely do not know where or how to start with your Orange County landscape design. Dreamscapes by MGR can help you to sort out your questions, thoughts, and desires for your outdoor space.

Let our decades of experience working with clients in similar situations benefit your Orange County landscape design.

Hiring a professional, licensed, experienced landscaping design contractor can lead to huge benefits in terms of cost, time, and the final look of your landscaping. Combining considerations such as the existing home architecture and client desires with real world space issues and time frames, hours of sun, type of soil and yard slope can really save on your project. Recognizing family dynamics and budget needs is critical, too, and something that we, as premier Orange County landscape designers, understand.

Watch Orange County Landscape Design at Work!

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Conceptual design of Grecian style pool, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County