Custom Waterfalls Make Your Pool Special

What could be better than relaxing pool side with the soothing sounds of custom waterfalls and features?


Couple in pool by large rock waterfall, Dreamscape by MGR leading pool contractor in Orange County

Being surrounded by running water can put a mind at ease and make it easier to forget a rough day at work or crazy commute. In addition to the relaxation quality, custom waterfalls also can add an unmatched sense of beauty to the landscaping of a backyard. Why just put in a pool when an entire backyard oasis can be added?

Just think of all of the gatherings with friends, family, co workers, or out of town guests spent in this backyard paradise. Choose a theme anywhere from Mediterranean to modern to rustic to complete the look of the custom waterfalls. Real stone or faux rock can be used to create any look you can imagine. Modern technology also allows homeowners to do things like add custom LED lighting and control the flow of the water.

The possibilities are truly endless. Think of custom-built grottos behind the running water where guests can swim up to a bar, staircase, or hidden room for hanging out.

Incorporate slides, landscaping, even pieces of furniture (imagine lounging in chaise that is sculpted into a waterfall) into the design to truly make it a place the family can enjoy for years and years to come.