The Dreamscapes team strives to give the best customer satisfaction possible to every one of our customers.  Whether it’s a landscaping project, a swimming pool design, or a big house remodel, we want to our customers to be happy with our work.  So, it’s with great pride and happiness that we announce that the home improvement website Houzz has chosen us as a recipient of their “Best Customer Satisfaction” award.  We couldn’t have won this award without our wonderful customers.  We love working with people to bring their “dreamscapes” into reality.

Several criteria must be met for the award.  This includes the number and quality of customer reviews.  We are happy so many of our customers rated us so highly.  Click here to read more about how Houzz determines the awards.  Read our profile and reviews by clicking here.

Houzz is a dynamic website, with user-generated idea books and reviews.  It’s a great place to start looking for ideas for your next big home improvement project.  Are you dreaming of a beautiful pool or a new landscaping concept?  Check out the Houzz Best of Idea Books, then call us to get the best customer satisfaction in Southern California.