Thinking About Solar for Your Orange County Swimming Pool

Have you been toying with the idea of installing a solar pool heating system to your Orange County swimming pool? It’s not just about solar panels, anymore. Technology has created great advances in solar power, and you may be surprised by how easily alternative energy sources can be added to your Orange County swimming pool.

Depending on your situation, installing a solar swimming pool system may greatly reduce the cost of heating your pool. Upgrades come in a variety of solutions, from installing a series of solar collectors to putting in an energy efficient heater or possibly a swimming pool cover, but the end result is a lower swimming pool heating bill and an extended swimming season, which is something ALL Orange County pool owners can appreciate.

Depending on your area and the amount of sunlight hours your Orange County swimming pool receives, you could probably save enough for a complete pool remodel (not really, that was just to make sure you were paying attention). However, you would see a marked savings immediately since the heat is free once your system is installed and pay for the system within 3-4 years, based on a six month cycle of use.

Dreamscapes by M.G.R. offers a variety of systems to control your solar pool temperature to the degree you desire. As a licensed swimming pool contractor, we can outline options to help you as you strive to save money and the environment. If you are an existing Dreamscapes customer, we can help you upgrade your systems to solar, as well. Give us a call at 800.446.1281 to see how you can be more energy efficient while still maintaining beauty in your Orange County landscaping!