You’ve spent the time and the money working on your dream landscaping design, and now it’s a reality, just out your back door.  We’ve put together our top picks for furnishings and games for you to get the most enjoyment from your custom landscaping in the coming year.

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  1. Invest in a sturdy outdoor table and chairs.  Look for materials that are specially treated to be able to hold up under the California sun, wind, and rain.  There are many lovely options, from reclaimed wood, to powder coated metal and attractive new plastics that have the charm of wicker but better durability.
  2. Find some outdoor lighting.  It may be a pretty string of twinkling lights or an elegant chandelier hanging from the covered patio.  
  3.  If you enjoy playing games with friends and family, invest in a quality set of croquet mallets, badminton rackets, or bocce balls.
  4. Enjoy a meal outside using nonbreakable dishes.  More and more stores are stocking plastic ware that looks as stylish as traditional place settings.  Vintage metal dishes are another cute choice.
  5.  Add another layer of beauty with outdoor tablecloths, napkins, and placemats.  Get a variety, for quiet family suppers, summer parties, and even more formal gatherings.  Al fresco can be just as classy as indoors.
  6. Get a tasty variety of drinks.  Fancy chocolate mixes, new teas, and fine wines all taste better outside!
  7.  Find some cozy blankets and quilts for curling up with when it gets chilly.  A hot drink, a good book, your favorite people, and a gorgeous sunset are a perfect mix to enjoy custom landscaping all year round.